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Prayers, Diversity and Being Me

Two years ago, I was asked to offer the invocation for the Economic Club sponsored by WFYI. 

Of course I could do that and I'd be honored.  came floating out of my mouth when the request was made.

Then I began the process of thinking through what to pray and how to pray.

I am quite familiar with how my faith community prays but what about this group.

This group of 700+ community leaders and business professional would represent  a diverse audience representing all kinds of different faith backgrounds.

Broken and Beautiful

Walking on the beach awhile back I began noticing the broken shells being washed up along the shoreline.  I looked closer, I began to notice the edges, the colors, the cracks and the holes. As I stood turning the shell over in the palm of my hand I began to think about what had caused this deep imprint, the scar, the broken edge. 

What had been attached to this shell?
What had crashed up against it with enough strength to break off the outer edge?
For how long had it been washing up against this same shoreline?

It reminded me of a an encounter with a beautiful woman in Colorado years ago.  We had enjoyed dinner together at a women's retreat in the mountains. Sharing parts of our stories and parts of our struggles.

Are we any better off today?

So much to think about these days... I must admit I am agitated, sad, mad, hopeful, confused, confounded YET even more committed to see what I've not seen before. Since I visited the mass graves from the AIDS pandemic in South Africa in 2011, I've been praying that my eyes, ears and heart would be opened --

In fact, I penned this prayer nearly 6 years ago... "I pray for eyes to see and ears to hear -- I pray for HOPE to well up inside us. Help us remember who we belong to and that we each have something to offer our world."

Fast forward to today and I'm still praying this prayer.  And I am seeing things I hadn't seen before.  Here's what I mean...

This is where our story begins.

Early on God had not sent rain to water the earth – no one had been created to cultivate the soil. In that time springs – a mist “came up from the ground and watered the land.”
Then God made mankind-- in His image. He breathes life into us.   Then and now. 
Their home was in the garden. Oh the garden.  Beautiful and diverse.  
Colors, aroma, delectable flavors and the cool breeze. Abundance. The land and sea were filled – the water teeming with fish and the land producing sustenance. All that was needed. Abundant. 
Companionship with God. Companionship with each other. Belonging to God. Belonging to each other. Belonging.

A Woman.... Preach(ing?)

We all know the feeling that sneaks up and whispers in your ear.

You want me to do what? I don't think so.

Calendar invite:

From: Dave Rod (aka Senior Pastor Grace Church)
Subject: Preaching at Grace.

Wait. What?

You would have laughed if you would have heard the conversations I was having with myself before the meeting. Believe me I had played out almost every possible and improbable scenario

Turning down the volume to hear

If you've been following this BLOG you know we've been encouraging you to engage in a variety of spiritual practices or disciplines because we know they work.

When we engage in spiritual practices our souls are changed.