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Hungry for More of God?

Why is it so hard for us to create space in our life to be with God? Maybe it is because we not sure what to do with the time we've set aside or space we've created. Maybe it is because we choose to run around allowing the urgency of our to-do list to consume every minute of our day. Maybe it is because our souls and minds have become so distracted.

Unfortunately, all of these can be true of my life. Yet, when I have created space and taken the opportunity to sit down and be with God -- I realize he is always waiting for me and he brings most everything to the table.

All I need is waiting for me... the question is will I choose to sit down and be with God. Will you?

Mindy Caliguire will be with us at Grace on Saturday, October 3rd to walk us through time with God as we do some soul searching. You'll walk away from this morning having been with God and be able to take what we've practiced and experienced and begin to integrate it into your everyday, ordinary li…

The Attentive Life... in a rush?

I've been reading The Attentive Life -- it's our September Bagels & Books selection that I am responsible for facilitating the discussion. It's ironic that I've had to crunch in a chapter here and there - among all the other things in my life. Feeling pressure to finish the book yet knowing that I can't be attentive in a rush.

There is much to be considered, learned, and mostly savored in this book. Today, I am thinking of two things....

1 What does it mean for me to be still and still moving?

2 To see tears as a gift. So when tears come, instead of avoiding them I am trying to pay attention, to pause and ask: What makes these tears come?

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10
The author (Leighton Ford) encourages us to sit with this verse. To repeat it over and over, leaving off a word or phrase each time. Spending a minute or two on each phrase. Write down impressions and thoughts that come to your mind and heart.
Be still and know that I am God.
Be still an…