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Spiritual Practices Restore: Silence

If you've been following this BLOG you know we've been encouraging you to engage in a variety of spiritual practices or disciplines because we know they work.

When we engage in spiritual practices our souls are changed.

Traveling Together

Life offers an amazing assortment of moments filled with potential beyond our comprehension. I think way too often we only see a small portion of what is at stake.

Here's what I mean.

As I make time to share a meal with my family do I realize the potential of what could transpire as we eat together? Could it be as we share our BEST and WORST of the day, we get to see a glimpse of a dream God has planted deep inside one of us as we share? Could it be that we are invited in to see place of vulnerability in each other? Or maybe it is simply in the shared laughter we find perspective and strength.

You see in those ordinary moments the potential for the extraordinary is always present. The question is... will we see it and will we seize it. Will we do our very best to take hold of it?