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Last year we talked about ADVENT as part of Real Moms (our weekly gathering @ Grace Church for Monms of young children).  With the ADVENT season fast approaching -- it seemed like a good idea to offer this quick reference guide for moms and others who might want to integrate ADVENT into their holiday season.  Thanks Amanda Congrove for pulling this guide together. 

Advent Guide Believe! The English word advent comes from the Latin word adventus which means “coming”. The Greek word for adventus is parousia.The meaning of parousia is also “coming” but refers specifically to the second coming of Christ. Advent is celebrated in the four weeks leading up to Christmas Eve.These four weeks of anticipation are the WHY of Advent. Week 1: The Prophesy Candle Sunday:Scripture–Isaiah 9:2-6Song - “Oh, Come, Oh, Come, Emmanuel” Activity – Give each child a flashlight. Turn off the all the lights and walk around a little in the dark. Then one by one, turn on each flashlight. Ask these questions: Was the…