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Have you heard about this?  Real time life logging no pen or paper required. 

"What if you recorded every second of your life and were able to replay it at a moment's notice? For two months, Esquire editor A.J. Jacobs did just that. He talks about what he learned by being able to rewind his life to catch anything he missed, and how the people in his life reacted." Take a look.

A camera or camcorder to be worn that literally records your life as it happens.  Every word, every conversation, everything you see and everything you do. 

Honestly, I'm not sure I'd like to see a true representation of some of my days. Like most everyone,  I'd find that my words don't reflect my heart or my intentions OR maybe they do more than I want to admit.  Somedays, I'd wish I did more of this and less of that. 

Maybe seeing an accurate picture isn't such a bad idea at least everyonce in awhile.  At least if that picture prompts me to make changes.  Isn't that wha…