16,425 days and counting... my lifetime so far.

Today, I've been around 16,425 days(not counting leap years).

Besides being the beginning of a new decade and now it's my birthday... I'm in one of those pondering moods where my mind wanders around asking questions.

Who do I want to be?
What do I dream will come true?
How do I want to be remembered?
How will I spend my time and energy?
What mark do I want to leave on the world?

For now, I am thinking two things...

I want to laugh more and enjoy the journey. (I can be a bit too serious!) AND

I want to celebrate those I love by pointing out the unique contributions they make in the world!

Hopefully, along the way people might notice a bit of Jesus in me.

What are you hoping for in the days to ahead?

Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
Psalm 90:12

Straightening the hallway closet....

Well, today is the day. I am digging into the hallway closet. The one that gathers all the things that we don't want to carry upstairs to our bedrooms or downstairs to the basement. Those things that we are not quite sure can be thrown away. Those things that we just can't quite let go of.

As I sorted through the contents, I found evidence of our life. Pictures I had be given by my mother of family members from earlier decades. Mementos of my childhood. I found more recent items from our summer outings watching Calvin, our oldest son, as he pitched in a summer collegiate baseball league. I found hats and gloves we had rushed to put on to play in the snow a few weeks ago. All of these items reminded me of snapshots of our combined life as the Gunter family.

I also found a bag full items that needed to be thrown away as well as things that we've outgrown. As I sorted through the contents, I was able to gather the cookbooks that had accumulated in the kitchen back on the shelf, combine all the school supplies in one basket, organize the family games, and get rid of those items we no longer need.

As I finished my project, it reminded me of my soul and my journey with God over the past decade. Here's what I learned... several years ago I literally dug into the hallway closet and pulled everything out -- sorting through the contents that had collected over close to 10 years. I found all kinds of things that had been accumulating over the years. I spent several days sorting through things, reorganizing, figuring out what we need and what we didn't need.

This closet project mirrored what was happening in my own life and soul. Maybe it was because I was midway through my 30s or maybe it was because my soul was crying out for some much needed attention. Either way, over the course of several years I have been sorting through those items that I've been holding on to. As I uncover a thought, a belief, or a behavior -- I simply (okay it is not simply at all) ask is this true and do I still need to hold on to it.

I think we all gather thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors along the way. Often mindlessly we haphazardly put them in our mind or heart giving little attention to their real value or worth. We grow accustom to the clutter and confusion these items bring to our life. They are comfortable because they are familiar.

The first attempt to declutter a closet or area of your life is messy and will take time and energy, but it is worth it. You'll likely need a trusted friend or two -- possibly a counselor-- and surely God to help you go beyond the surface to the deeper levels of your soul. As you begin, remember to ask yourself what have I been holding on to and more importantly why am I hanging on to these things.

Here's your encouragement. After some deep cleaning, the next time you approach the closet to straighten, many items will be gone all together and others will have found a place and just need some readjusting. Progress has been and is being made... be sure of it.

Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus....

Philippians 1:8

Let's live with intention as we walk into a new decade.

It begins by being willing to open the door and take a real assessment of the condition of your closet (aka soul).


good morning! thanks god for the beauty surrounding us. nice choice of blue sky this morning with the compliment of the orange sunrise and wispy clouds. nicely done and thanks!

Opening To God

Through prayer, scripture reading, worship and other spiritual disciplines, ordinary humans who seek to know God and his desires are opening themselves to the story of God being carried forward in and through them.

As we step into 2010...

How will you live with intention?

Will you set aside time to be with God, to listen to his heart, to respond to his promptings?

Will you invite others into your journey with God, encouraging them along the way?

For me, I picked up a daily devotional by Philip Yancey called Grace Notes. I am planning to begin my days with a short reading from this book.

I am counting on God to have much to say and much to do in and through ordinary people, just like you and me, these next ten years!

So, what's your intention this year?