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Super Agents leaving a mark on our world

I love the inquisitive nature of a child.  Discovery -- seeking and finding seems to be built into our core.  From our very first days of life, we begin gathering information in an attempt to make sense of the world we inhabit.  We want to know how our world works.  We long to know what part we play. Infants have their basic needs met through ongoing nurturing and nourishment.  These little ones are completely dependent on another person to provide everything they need.  Then, overtime as they grow and mature, they realize they have been designed to interact with and impact the world. So it is... we have been created to be agents in the world. agent (noun) 1: one who acts or exerts power 2: something that produces or is capable of producing an effect thanks Merriam-Webster dictionary Have you ever thought of yourself as an agent?  A super agent?