Growing our Picture of God

Interesting how our childhood experiences have a significant impact on our view of God and our world. After thinking about the practice of gratitude, I realized how much my upbringing has framed my thoughts and behavior.

What kind of picture of God do you recall growing up with? How has this picture impacted your faith over the years? How has this picture changed?


  1. My picture of God was a loving one when I was growing up- but shallow and narrow. God wanted as many people as possible to "cross the line" and be on His team, but deeper, harder questions were never addressed, and the thought that God would care about people's needs wasn't mentioned at all- just that they 'prayed the prayer'.

  2. My picture of God was loving and a a very important practice in our family, especially during holiday's. As a child, I had early occurances/conversations with God-unknowing what it would lead to in my adult life. My picture of God is bigger than life itself in my life right now as I am going through some growing pains and very hard realizations of what life "really means" and especially raising a family. The world scares me right now! I just keep my focus on my trust in God's promise and am devoting myself in trying live the way God would want me to live. Trying to give advice, support and help to others when all the while I still need support myself. Sorry so deep, I am an emotional Christian. I look to my father for advice in his late years. He is probably the strogest Christian I have ever known and I strive to be like him, helping, giving, and devotion helping the needs of others in any way that I can. My picture of God just gets bigger and deeper by the day. My trust and thankfulness in him is bigger than life right now. I spend most of my life praying for the rest of the world, desperate time, desperate measures and people who need to meet, know and learn to trust and give thier lives to God. I cry, I pray and most times feel undeserving of the blessings that I have received. I am searching for my deeper calling, don't know what it is yet and am just waiting for him to give me the word. Truly yours at Grace

  3. My picture of God when I was a child was then and still is the Almighty he is the highest of all. Growing up in the catholic faith and going to religion class every day and understanding the different steps in excepting God and alway's wanting him to be the life force in your life.I am so thankful for my elders that have been in my life,my Mom, Her Father and Mother, My Dad's Mom and Dad and i say them because they encouraged my parents to put God first in thier lives and in turn they did the same for me that was the greatest gift anyone has ever given me.


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