Caution! Community may require a leap of faith.

It seems everywhere we turn we are being asked to be part of small group, serve on a team, or get involved in a worthy cause. Like most of you, I’ve seen and experienced the best and worst of community and groups. Yet, my heart and soul has been transformed in ways I would have never expected as a result stepping into community or being part of a team. Even though I love a solo challenge -- I am learning to leap (okay, lean) toward community because I know spiritual transformation takes place best in community.

In community, I've found encouragement, support and often a clearer perspective about God and myself. In community, I've given a part of myself and received so much more. In community, I've been able to be part of something larger than myself. In community, I'm becoming visible and known. In community, I've experienced connection and meaningful interaction. In community, I've been lifted up through prayer - and been honored to pray for others. In community, I've faced hard questions. In community, I've found sticking around is worth it. In community ,I'm learning to listen more and talk less. In community, I'm getting a chance to increase my awareness and openness to people who are different than me. In community, I'm seeing more and becoming more like Christ -- slowly but surely.

Community Challenge!
  1. Commit to finding community or staying connected in community.
  2. What have you seen, learned, or experienced in community?
  3. How are you better for being in community?
  4. Think of a person who has been part of your community and has made a difference in your life -- send them a handwritten note of gratitude.

Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another-- and all the more as you see the Day approaching. Hebrews 10:25

Friends are made along the journey.


  1. Thank you for that little reminder, Corinne. I believe that one of the best things that we can do is to let those who have impacted our lives know so. I am off to write a little letter to my dear friend.

  2. I have been a part of several small community groups and value the experience each one has brought me. I have experienced true release and healing with the help of some amazing people. I am definitely going to write that handwritten note.

  3. I'm learning to be more outspoken in community - to share what I'm thinking more, rather than keeping it to myself. Safe community is a wonderful place to be.

  4. Todd and I have had trouble finding a community group that's the right fit. Maybe we should keep trying and not give up. Sounds like it's worth the effort.


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