Alpha and Omega

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end." Revelation 21:6

Father God,
You've always existed and You always will...I praise You because You are eternal and everlasting; Your presence always there. Today, I felt a deep sense that You were present with me when I was a child playing alone even though I was not aware of You at the time. It seems strange to have this early childhood memory, but what comfort and security this gives me because I know that even when it doesn't seem or feel like it, You are there. You are in all my moments...even when I am feeling alone and unsure like I do today.

Today, I will remember Your constant presence when . . .
Sometimes, I just pray my words in my head and other times when I am all alone at home I pray my words out loud. Other times I find it helpful to journal or write my prayers down. I'd encourage you to to journal along with me. What I find is when I write my prayers they seem to permeate my thinking throughout the day.

We'd love to hear your prayers. Would you be willing to share your prayers by posting them -- together we can enrich our understanding and encourage our longing for God. Plus, God loves to hear our prayers and praises!

I've given you my words... now it's your turn. Either begin by writing (a.k.a. praying) my words and then let your words flow from there... or read my words and then begin your prayer.

Enjoy your time with God.

Jan Merkel


  1. Today I will remember your constant presence when I am questioning my purpose for this day.


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