Choosing a Bible

Bible 101—some helps for choosing a Bible.

Reading the Bible – sounds simple enough! Warning – there are dozens to choose from!

  1. Check them out. Get familiar with a few different translations of Scripture. You can easily do this online at Check out the different translations by looking up Psalm 23. Read them and see which style you most perfer.

  2. Translations – New Living Translation (NLT) is a current, accurate, easily read translation. In the end choose one you will read! Other good options include: New International Version (NIV), New American Standard Bible (NASB), and New Revised Standard Version (NRSV). Keep in mind all texts are translated either word for word or phrase by phrase.

  3. A word on using The Message ®. We’d suggest using this version of the Bible as a compliment to any translation. Just keep in mind The Message ® is not a translation but rather a paraphrase of scripture based on the author’s perspective, personal insight, and is geared toward making the story applicable to the time.

  4. Study Helps – May or may not include: time lines, maps, concordance, cross reference, dictionaries, book descriptions, about the book author, literary descriptions, date and history, major theological themes, book outlines, verse by verse notes, etc.
    Choosing YOUR Bible: The best way to make your selection is to go to a Christian book store and look through a few to find one you like. Ask a few friends or others about what's worked for them.

Most importantly, choose one you'll read and read it!