Beyond My View

God's seems to be stretching my frame of reference these days. Okay, maybe he does everyday, the only difference is some days I actually notice.

You've got to check out Get Compelled, the blog created by our outreach team here at Grace. Inside this blog, you'll read about amazing stories of ordinary people paying attention to God moving in and through them. Plus, you'll find a whole new vantage point to view your corner of the world and beyond!

Their latest post shows one of our groups from Access (the college ministry at Grace) who decided to be called the “In Action” group. Every week they make breakfast and serve it to the Hispanic guys standing on the corner looking for work in downtown Indianapolis. If you look closely at the video below, you can actually see a couple guys getting picked up for work in a mini-van. It is incredible to see the relationships build as the team shows up every week. There is nothing quite like sharing a meal together!

Check out their blog -- not just an observer -- be brave and ask yourself --

What is God prompting me to notice and how can I respond?