Love without Fear!

Katie, a young friend of mine, wrote these three words on a ceramic plate she designed...
Love without Fear

I wonder about the combination of these three words.

I wonder about the power of loving and living this way.

Our longing to experience this type of love, this way of life is planted deep within our souls. Although we will never fully experience it on earth -- we sometimes within some relationships, catch a glimpse of the power and beauty of this way of loving. And for a moment see and experience the depth of God's love for us.

I think I caught a glimpse early this year as I spent a few days at the beach celebrating a dear friend's 45th birthday.

She gathered a handful of friends to celebrate the gift of life and the power of love. It looked a little like this:

Conversations flowing with ease
Laughter, free and spontaneous
Joy expressed around a dining room table
Gratitude for the gift of girlfriends

All these moments combined conveyed a bit of God's love and delight

Love without Fear!

How have you experienced this type of love?


  1. Enjoyed this post... Love Without Fear... how quickly we lose site of that as time passes.


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