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Some things are different & some things are just the same!

Another year has come and gone. Its always a bit odd for me when something comes to an end. Whether I am finishing the last few pages of a journal, trying to squeeze in one more adventure at the end of vacation, or the closing moments of time shared with family and friends there is sadness and joy.

Sadness rolls over my soul as the treasured time is coming to an end YET I also feel joy as I am grateful for life, places of respite, and a bounty of family and friends. I like the way Dr. Suess and my friend Judy puts it...

Don't cry because it's over.
Smile because it happened

The first hours of this new year, we enjoyed breakfast at my parents --in the house I spent my growing up years in. I think I am still in those growing up years and will likely always be. The table is larger and now includes our own children.

Here's what I am thinking about right now... some things are different and some things are the same.

We've all grown older and look a bit different. We've each faced challenging circumstances and we've been blessed beyond words. We've laughed hard and we've cried just as hard. We've welcomed new family members and we've said goodbye to others. Life has been good, not perfect, but good.

Today, I am smiling because IT (all of it) happened.

Here's just one picture of one of the things that made me smile this year -- a trip to Milwaukee to celebrate my daughter's 18th!


  1. I love this photo of you laughing, smiling right down to your eyes-- it's joyful.

    Your post has touched a thought in me I've been mulling over. I'm funny with endings; I want to skip them and launch into beginnings. I'm terrible about reflection and looking back and instead rub my hands in eager anticipation of moving forward. I tried, intentionally, this year to do a little reflection, to slow down and maybe even learn something, or appreciate what has been. It was good for me to do but difficult and not as much fun as writing goals, dreams and visions for the coming year.

    I appreciate, as usual, your thoughts and it's a good gentle nudge to remember that the past is the fabric that becomes who we are. It's good to look at the strands and weavings as we incorporate the future.

    Love and blessings, friend. Julie


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