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A Snow Recess

I’m sitting by the fire noticing the beauty of the falling snow this morning. Our week has been full of sleet, freezing rain and a constant winter storm advisory.

For many, the wintry weather forced us to slow down, regroup and re purpose our days. Streets and sidewalks are treacherous causing schools to be closed for days and even colleges to call for the almost unheard of snow recess day.

Most of what was on my calendar has been postponed and replaced with other things. For me, what was a packed week of meetings and activities became an assortment of surprise gifts. I found time to take care of some thing that desperately needed my attention, like sorting socks who have lost their mates.

I've also had extra time to savor quiet moments to breathe deeply while approaching my days with less intensity. An added bonus -- we made time to reconnect with our family and hang out with friends. One evening we took advantage of a snow recess day to share dinner with our neighbors and play Catch Phrase with six teenagers. The smiles were easy and the laughter was generous as we cheered each other on.

Maybe, we all needed a respite from our normal routines. I know I did.


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