It Takes a Village

Yesterday, we celebrated our daughter's high school graduation. Our hearts were delighted as family and friends filled our home helping us mark this moment.

I am deeply grateful for those women and men who have loved our daughter, Chelsea, well over the years. We smiled, laughed and even shed a tear or two as we recounted the various stories and memories of a beautiful blond little girl!

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, dear friends, bosses, co-workers, and neighbors... a whole assortment of characters joined us not only yesterday, but in their own way to help us "raise" our daughter and "cheer" her on as she has become the amazing young woman she is today.

As I look back at yesterday, here's what I'll remember...
Chelsea greeting, talking, smiling and laughing

seeing my best friend from my own growing up years who drove for hours to surprise us... even though Chelsea chose Purdue instead of Miami University

grandparents, cousins, aunts & uncles who have been some of Chelsea's biggest advocates and cheerleaders

a dear friend who has never met Chels but has generously prayed for her for the last decade

another dear friend who has been my cheerleader and encourager for the past decade... the countless hugs and words will never be forgotten

a beautiful book created to chronicle the grand adventures of girl's getaways -- an annual tradition

a couple of families who have joined us in what we call "co-parenting" -- who knew it would take multiple moms & dads for our kids :)

two of Chelsea's horse instructors... one who planted some amazing seeds in Chelsea through hours at the barn and as Chels transitioned between horses to finally adopting Eddy. and another instructor who has spurred Chelsea on to even more both as a rider and young woman

a few friends who showed up with cookies, a yard game, extra chairs, and smiling faces eager to lend a hand

another woman who has literally walked and talked with Chels since her freshman year in high school

the "sisters" of chels from those in the backyard, those in Fort Wayne, and those who have done life with Chels over the years

the wonderful cards and wishes that have been arriving in our mailbox

and the blessing of our many friends from close and far...


So, here's to's to friends and family... and here's to what's next!

Thank you, God for our daughter and the village you've surrounded us with. We are deeply grateful for how you've lavished your love upon us through these folks!


  1. aw, so sweet and such an amazing moment of celebration and reflection, i'm sure. i'm inspired by the community (village) that's surrounded your family!


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