Self-Indulgence OR Healthy Living: Your Choice.

Been thinking about a sermon I just heard on Self-Indulgence.  It's a BIG topic no doubt and  indulgences come in many shapes and sizes. There seems to be at least one indulgence that fits each of us at one time or another.  It could be chocolate, caffeine, sweets, snacks, spending, irresponsibility, alcohol, fantasy, etc... I think you get the picture.

The problem with indulgence is the degree to which someone yields to a specific desire or inclination.  It's when you cater to a whim
-- when you take action based on an immediate desire and seek gratification with little thought to the consequences or long term impact.

Mostly the message was about honoring our bodies by eating and exercise. An encouragement for BALANCE in our diet coupled with EXERCISE or ACTIVITY. 

It's a complex subject especially for those who struggle with weight and overall health--and in no way do I want to discount the battle and struggle for many.  However, I believe everyone can make progress and takes steps to honor their body.  I know from personal experience it's the small steps, in the right direction overtime that makes a BIG difference.  

I have to keep it simple and remember to honor my body and treat myself kindly.  To eat enough, to eat healthier and to continue incorporating an active lifestyle and exercise in my days. I also have to remember to not compare my body to others and to focus on becoming a healthier version of me. 

About 5 years ago when my plate was overflowing, (marriage, 3 children, a demanding career, and many other responsibilities) I stepped back and took inventory.  Quickly I realized I was over scheduled, my eating was off and I had very little time to exercise. 

Practically, I paid attention to what and how much I was eating. Then I compared my intake with what was recommended for a woman my height and age and what a healthy balanced diet would include.  Some adjustments needed to be made.  I wasn't interested in a quick fix, because honestly they don't work, I wanted a lifestyle I could sustain.

I also took a look at my commitments and made some hard choices to stop doing somethings so I could begin doing others.  I committed to beginning a routine and exercise plan.  In the past, I had been an athlete and did some running.  But for a season I had done very little. So I began with jogging and walking intervals -- slowly building up my endurance and cardiovascular strength.  I also added core strengthening to my weekly schedule. 

Now after 5 years, I am healthier and my body likes me better.  :)

It took awareness and a decision to make changes.  Then daily steps in the right direction. Sure there are days when I stumble but each day is a new day.  So I don't dwell on yesterday... I choose to look ahead and keep making little choices that build up. 

Could it be that what you eat, why you eat, and the amount you eat is out of balance?  I am talking about both those of us who eat too much and those of us who eat too little.  Food has lost its place as sustenance -- something to be savored and something to nourish our bodies.

Could it be that your days are too full and you have little to no margin for healthy lifestyle changes?  Take inventory by recording what you do each day for a week.  Those things that are on your schedule each week and those things that come up.  After a week, spend some time looking at how you spend your time and then commit to creating margin and to taking care of body.

Could it be that you'd rather sit then move? Find something active you like and make a commitment to do it a few times a week.  Inviting a friend or family member to join you is a great motivation and will increase the likelihood you will continue. 

Remembering it is a journey to healthy living that begins as we move in the RIGHT DIRECTION.  And over time the little things we do will make a big difference. 

Way too many magazines and TV shows promise drastic results in literally "no time".   This is a lie.  The truth is as we make changes to what we take in our bodies as well as what we do with our bodies -- we will see changes overtime.  I love the magazine Cooking Light!  This year they are including 12 Healthy Habits -- one each month.  So far they are pretty straight forward and doable... Here's where we are so far this year:
  1. January - Veggie Up!
  2. February - Get MOVING!
  3. March - Get COOKING!
  4. April -- WHOLE Grains!
Now, it's your turn.  What decision can you make today to honor your body?


  1. Wow. first time in a while I looked at Soul Crossing and the topic of this one is what I needed to hear!! Been dealing with major health issues this past year and while trying to heal have been thinking a lot obout my nutrition and eating to heal. hard to get more activity in wheelchair but realize I do sit too much. this post was inspiring.

  2. Hey Corinne-- good thoughts and insight. I keep coming back to the same thing-- simple changes that promote health (it's so easy for me to veer in an obsessive direction--dieting OR over-indulgence). Now I just need to be consistent in practicing this-- you're an inspiration.

    Also, this gave me pause for thought for non-food related indulgences-- indulging anger, self-pity, resentment-- all the spiritual non-fruit! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. J


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