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OUR World: Broken and Beautiful

I am undone by the stories of these women.  Their perseverance and strength amazes me.  They may live thousands of miles away in what we see as a remote pat of the world. However, we must realize that we share this worldWe must open our eyes and hearts to OUR world
We must be willing to look around. 
Take a look and you'll see some of the broken places of OUR world.  It's heart wrenching. 
Yet, there is beauty as we look through windows bursting open with hope in some of the most difficult places.  
I invite you to join me as I link arms with ALARM -- an organization who leads and serves in Western Africa.  Here is a short video of just one of the ways ALARM is helping women find hope and healing. 
Take 2 minutes right now -- to watch this video.

Not sure how to feel or what to do?  Pray for these women.  And pray for the hundreds of thousands of other women in OUR world who are being harmed by the hands of others.  And pray, asking God what He would have you do.

Together, we can make a difference in OUR world.


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Broken and Beautiful

Walking on the beach awhile back I began noticing the broken shells being washed up along the shoreline.  I looked closer, I began to notice the edges, the colors, the cracks and the holes. As I stood turning the shell over in the palm of my hand I began to think about what had caused this deep imprint, the scar, the broken edge. 

What had been attached to this shell?
What had crashed up against it with enough strength to break off the outer edge?
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Of course I could do that and I'd be honored.  came floating out of my mouth when the request was made.

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