Where We Are

I love the beach. Everything about it. The smell of the salty air. The soothing sounds of the surf. The softness of the sand. The respite I experience while meandering around the shore. Although my soul feels peace and deeply connected with God while I'm there, I must fight against the idea that there is external positional peace.

My peace doesn't come from where I am. Gerald Locklin pens these words in his poem WHERE WE ARE... "there is always the anticipation of the change, the chance that what is wrong is the result of where you are." His words elude to the false belief that what is wrong or right in our lives is dependent on the external environment as opposed to the internal landscape of our soul.

Each morning, we awaken and step into our day. Some days feel safely within our control. We march in with our to do list and schedules confident at the end of the day we will have accomplished much. Other days are more loosely held with options and time for wandering a bit. Some days we step toward the day with anticipation welcoming what will transpire. Other days we are unsure of how we can endure.

Luci Shaw in her book, THE CRIME OF LIVING CAUTIOUSLY, says this "... every conversation, every action, every reaction to individuals and dealings in the hours that lie before us will be unique-- never before experienced in quite the same way and therefore unpredictable. The unexpected lurking around the bend. We may well need to take a deep breath before we plunge into what God has planned for us."

Life is risky. Life is exhilarating. Life is a discovery.

We don't know what we'll be facing today or tomorrow. That's true. Yet, I take comfort and find courage in the story told in the Old Testament book of Joshua. This story encourages us to forge ahead into new territory trusting as we follow God's lead we will know which way to go. He beckons us to follow!

you are to move out from your positions and follow. don't be afraid, I know you've never been this way before. Trust me and follow me, then you'll know which way to go.

my translation
Joshua 3:3-4

I'm guessing it's not so much where we are -- but who we are following.

Here's to... following along and forging ahead into new territory.


  1. Boy Corinne, feel like my life is dripping with new territory right now, and my terror is causing me to strike with venom when I don't mean to. Ugh. Not pretty. I'm going to try and claim these thoughts, not feed my fear with chocolate and carbs and not be ruled by anger. Where's my beach?!;) Love you.


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