SABBATH - Before or After?

I've always thought of resting after expending energy -- as a replenishment for what I had just experienced or endured. So, if I took a run then I'd rest once I had finished my run. Or if I had been really busy finishing up a project, I'd work really hard for an extended period of time THEN I'd rest and recooperate. And to some degree that is still true -- however...

I've been learning both from looking at SABBATH over the last several months and practicing SABBATH for the past couple of years -- that it really is more about a rhythm that prepares my heart, soul, and body for what lies ahead. When I am rested and my soul is replenished through time with God I am in a much better place to live well in whatever circumstance I find myself in.

Let me be very practical -- and literal. We've been facing some difficult family situations that are requiring a lot of emotional and physical energy. My point is this... if I were to have walked into this new challenge already spent and exhausted in body and soul, I would have very little if anything to give. I'd be trying to squeeze out compassion and care from a depleted place. So, I am thankful I've been learning to practice SABBATH and have been experiencing the richness of a soul connected to God. I am thankful God is sustaining us all and providing in small and tangible ways. I am thankful I have a family to love and care for. I know I have to continue to practice SABBATH both before and after -- really in the midst of living this life!