The Making of a Life

I've been wondering lately about what makes a life. Sure, it is the memories we make along the way with our families and our friends. It's the decisions we make and the promises we keep. This year I've officiated both weddings and funerals. I've stood beside a bride and groom -- and felt the anticipation and excitement of what lies ahead as they begin their journey as a married couple. I've also stood beside a casket of a dear aunt -- and felt the sadness at the loss of a treasured woman.

A wedding is a time and ceremony set aside for making vows and commitments in front of friends and family filled with anticipation and joy surrounding the possibilities of this union. A funeral, on the other hand, is a time and ceremony set aside for remembering and commemorating the life of a loved one. Funerals propel our hearts and minds to consider the life that has been lived. To look back and review the past often with a new perspective that helps us discern what we value most. In some ways, our feelings surrounding the loss of a loved one helps us define what is truly important. We hear people say things like: I wish I had done more of.... OR I wish I had done less of... These phrases are clues to what we value and what we deem as important.

So, I am wondering how our lives would be different if we took the time to look forward (like we do at a wedding) 10, 20 or 50 years and declared what we want to be true of our life when our friends and family gather to remember and commemorate our life.

What stories will be shared of who you were?
When others describe you what words will they use?
What will the world be missing when you are gone?

The Making of Life happens whether we are intentional or not -- it is happening right now. Make it the BEST LIFE you possibly can.