Perspective - through the eyes of children

Yesterday, I spent an hour fishing with a "little" friend of mine. What I thought was just an opporunity to visit with my friend, Maggy and her mom was so much more. Off we went headed down the hill to a neighborhood pond with fishing poles and worms in hand. Luckily, Maggy's mom had all the tools we needed included a pair of gloves so we didn't have to touch the fish. She told us that it was best for the fish... but I am not convinced it was really more for me than the fish.

We tossed our lines in the water and literally in a minute or two we had our first bite. Wow! As we "wooed" the fish in -- calling them toward the bait, we giggled and told stories. We "screamed" as the fish flopped around wanting to be put back in their warm, murky water. We giggled like little girls. Maybe that was the point... laughing, giggling, and for me "acting" like these were the first fish I had ever seen or caught.

As I drove home, I smiled realizing that many things that had held wonder and laughter when I was a little girl... well unfortunately I now missed way too often because I am busy and productive. I forgot what it was like the first time I touched a wiggly, sticky worm. I forget to just enjoy the moment and savor the experiences of living!

Thanks Maggy for this fishing outing and allowing me to see the world through your eyes!


  1. Oh those all too rare in-the-moment times. Sounds fun Corinne-- a time to just relish the experience and turn off the spin in the brain. Good reminder.


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